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Starting the conversation about selective dry cow therapy: is this a good option for your clients? - Shared screen with speaker view
Michele Anholt
The recording of tonight's session can be found here: https://research.ucalgary.ca/one-health/news-and-events/past-events
Michele Anholt
And for your clients to register to our producer meetings, the registration link can be found here: https://research.ucalgary.ca/one-health/news-and-events/upcoming-events
Karin Orsel
Dave; not sure how tight our time lines are; but this is a 5 min warning according to the timelines. We started a few minutes late. So don rush
Michele Anholt
Its OK Karin, the times are approximate and we will have ~30 minutes for questions.
Karin Orsel
Feel free to start typing your questions in the Q&A!!